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bossy adj : offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power; "an autocratic person"; "autocratic behavior"; "a bossy way of ordering others around"; "a rather aggressive and dominating character"; "managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way"; "a swaggering peremptory manner" [syn: autocratic, dominating, high-and-mighty, magisterial, peremptory] [also: bossiest, bossier]

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  1. tending to give orders to others, especially when unwarranted; domineering


tending to give orders to others

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Brahman, Indian buffalo, Partlet, absolute, absolutist, absolutistic, arbitrary, aristocratic, arrogant, aurochs, authoritarian, authoritative, autocratic, beef, beef cattle, beeves, biddy, bison, bitch, bold, bossed, bovine, bovine animal, brood mare, buffalo, bull, bullock, calf, carabao, cattle, chased, cow, critter, dairy cattle, dairy cow, despotic, dictatorial, doe, dogie, domineering, embossed, ewe, ewe lamb, feudal, filly, grinding, guinea hen, gyp, heifer, hen, high-handed, hind, hornless cow, imperative, imperial, imperious, in relief, jenny, kine, leppy, lioness, lordly, magisterial, magistral, mare, masterful, maverick, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker, monocratic, muley cow, muley head, musk-ox, nanny, nanny goat, neat, oppressive, overbearing, overruling, ox, oxen, peahen, peremptory, raised, repressive, roe, severe, she-bear, she-goat, she-lion, slut, sow, steer, stirk, stot, strict, suppressive, tigress, tyrannical, tyrannous, vixen, wisent, yak, yearling, zebu
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